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Description of the Raqball Portable Court Equipment RB2.0 – 2 storage cases with wheels, each containing:

  • 1 board support module
    (anodised aluminium with glass fibre-reinforced polyamide joint pieces)
  • 1 target board with netting and ball catcher
    (polyester, polyurethane-treated Cordura and nylon)
  • 6 rackets (racket string made of nylon with carbon fibre and glass fibre)
  • 6 balls (matt rubber)
  • 6 one-size bibs (elastane and polyester)
  • 4 court marking strips (flexible PVC)
  • Assembly manual
  • Rules of the game

RZBALL COMPANY’s objective is to produce equipment of high technological quality.

  • To develop the pleasure of playing, in children through to professional players, by the use of equipment accessible to all.
  • To create, through innovation, a positive acceptance of new products: the sport, the equipment, the brand, and the image.
  • To give meaning, thanks to RAQBALL’s inherent values and to diverse and sustained communication.
  • To create sport products with a new and different identity, sustaining a strong and credible launch of the sport of RAQBALL.

Developing equipment simple and fast to assemble

  • A board made of high-quality materials and with a modern design.
  • A target with an ingenious system to catch and retrieve the ball.
  • Eco-friendly materials, and production assembly carried out by disabled personnel.

Development of an identifiable
quality standard for the racket

  • A unique archetypal look recognisable from a distance.
  • A racket of professional quality and with a comfortable feel.
  • A racket that is light and stiff for a good drib’up and an intuitive play.
  • A competitive stringed racket, for an accessible and sporting sensation.
  • A racket with a shock-absorbing system for protection against impacts.

Development of an identifiable
quality standard for the ball

  • A rubber compound that is matt and slightly sticky, similar to a squash ball, giving a sensation of exceptional performance.
  • A ball weight between 37 and 43 grams for a pleasant drib’up.

Main significance: Harmony

Professional sport equipment must be faultless, precise and reliable, to the extent that we are not aware of it during play. The tennis player does not want to think about their racquet, and the football player does not want to think about his boots either. Athletes take great care to have a seamless fit with their equipment, and their equipment is designed to achieve this harmony.

Central significance: Achievement

Professional sport involves pushing the limits, reaching set objectives, and surpassing them. Everything is focussed on achieving these objectives, without compromising. Sport equipment is optimised to achieve these objectives, this is the only goal and purpose.

RAQBALL equipment meets all these requirements

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