RZBALL COMPANY is the exclusive supplier of RAQBALL.

Its team is made up of former elite athletes, business leaders, engineers... that share a common passion for SPORTS.


An open and ground-breaking vision of sport is the characteristic of this START-UP

Capable et Humane

The START-UP is built around two main guiding principles: pooling the skills and motivating the human capital of the company. It is always ready to advance sport activity, creativity, and team spirit.


What is its ambition? To become a major player in the field of sport and leisure of the future.

Innovation is in RZBALL COMPANY’s DNA.

The start-up RZBALL COMPANY has one ambition: that RAQBALL become a sport with international recognition, and one day an Olympic discipline.
The company wants to develop a sport for all, accessible and attractive to the largest number of people. As a team sport, respect for team-mates and opponents is the basis of RAQBALL’s philosophy. RAQBALL’s values reach far beyond the court; they also reach the work done by the whole team involved in developing the equipment for RAQBALL.