Some experiences of playing RAQBALL and using its equipment

LOUNA, 27 years old

As a child, she played tennis and then handball, and in her teenage years, it was squash. She’s very at ease with racket sports and handball, and appreciates the team element and the camaraderie. Naturally, she was immediately pleased when she played the first team racket sport for the first time. The experience of using a racket to pass the ball to a team-mate adds a new dimension to a fascinating sport. She and her team-mates are still developing new play techniques and in constant progression.

DJIBRIL, 35 years old

A PE teacher for six years. During these last few years, he’s worked on the development of new teaching methods. RAQBALL attracted his attention as the first team racket sport. He came across a demonstration and joined in to play a match. He wondered how children could play it, what the first experience would be for them, at what speed they would learn it. After taking delivery of the first RAQBALL portable court equipment for the school, he quickly had all his questions answered. Most of the children love RAQBALL and make fast progress. Above all, Djibril is fascinated by the nature of the sport. The finesse required in the technique, the need for an overall vision, the teamwork, the speed, the feeling of lightness, and the captivating aspect of the game The equipment is well conceived, and the children handle it with care and understand it is a quality product. Djibril appreciates the care and safety aspects during installation by a group of children.

MARIA, 45 years old

An occasional player, she likes going out with her colleagues, as they often practise sport together after work. This year, she’s surprised everybody with RAQBALL. She’d already played it before with some friends at an event, but it’s completely new to the others.
Some of them were sceptical, others curious; it isn’t often that one discovers a new sport. The quality, finish and feel of the RAQBALL equipment confirmed immediately to everybody that this is a real sport, not just a game. The rules were quickly explained, and they started playing straight away.
The bibs supplied with the equipment are really helpful to distinguish clearly each team, especially when rotating the players in play. They all appreciated the challenge and the new skills blending with their existing ones. Some of the tennis players had to get used to the RAQBALL racket, which is different from all others used before. However, after some time playing and practising, they adapted quickly and recognised that the racket is well designed for RAQBALL.
At the end of the day, some of them said to Maria that it should be easy to arrange another session. All that was required was to get the portable equipment out and play again! Others elected to join the nearest affiliated club to start playing RAQBALL more regularly.

Group A – Club player

This group need professional equipment. They find RAQBALL to be a complete and demanding sport. The new rules concerning the ball and the racket, which set the difference with other sports, are important to this group. The Targget already has its own features and identity.

Group B – PE teacher

This group need equipment that will be treated with care and respect. The equipment must give a sense of safety, especially important to school pupils.

Group C – Occasional player

This group need equipment that is easy to identify. This equipment must also be easy to transport and install, as well as reliable and capable of withstanding heavy use.